Feature Overview

Our passion is to build software that empowers our customers. We have worked with industry leaders to fine tune Member Owl so it provides you with the features you need to drive your business. We take pride in designing intuitive features that are easy-to-use with workflows that save time. We excel in building clean, understandable dashboards that allow data-driven decisions. We continue to evolve our product as we listen to your feedback.

Lead Generation

We provide a complete solution for generating new leads and converting them into paying members. Embed our online lead capture form directly into your website. Manage your prospects as they progress from inquiry to member.

  • Embed a lead generation form into your website.
  • Track leads through phases: inquiry, appointment, intro, trial and member.
  • Workflows and tool to increase your conversion rate.
  • Leverage automations to begin marketing campaigns.

Member Data

Building positive customer relationships becomes more challenging as you grow. It takes more than tenacity to create a business with a large group of happy customers. You and your staff all need to be on the same page.

  • Contact information (e.g. phone, address, email) easily accessible.
  • Clients can belong to multiple memberships.
  • Important dates (e.g. birthday, expiration, last in) are never missed.

Schedules & Appointments

Integrated scheduling allows appointments between staff, members and others to be easily set. Automated reminders decrease wasted time by reducing the number of “no show” meetings. Staff members can be scheduled for appointments at various locations. Quickly view your appointments or view the appointments of other staff members.

  • Schedule an appointment from any page.
  • Automated email reminders include confirmation buttons.
  • Quickly view appointments.

Retention Tools

The lifeblood of your business is your members. Our easy-to-use features encourage recording of attendance. Automated analysis provides notification that a member is “missing in action” so you can reach out before it’s too late. Do your members need a certain number of classes or training time before they are eligible to advance? No problem!

  • Track all member attendance and the type of class they attended.
  • Generate testing lists based upon minimum classes and training time.
  • Create memberships that only allow a certain number of classes.
  • Members can check-in using a kiosk app on a mobile device.


Being effective and efficient in the office requires optimized workflows. We fine-tune our workflows to provide you the right feature, in the right place at the right time. We partner with a number of industry leaders to learn the secrets of how they run their business. Then we combine that knowledge with modern data visualization and user interface design to bring you intuitive features with awesome user experience. Just like you, we are always learning and improving.

Here are a few areas where you will be impressed:

  • Adding a new member is so easy.
  • Our attendance kiosk allows even your youngest members to check-in.
  • The location dashboard displays the important and urgent tasks.
  • Easily call a member and record notes.


Using Member Owl’s automation is like hiring a staff member who works 24/7, never forgets tasks and completes assignments on time. Automatically manage your email campaign lists, send emails and more. Trigger these tasks on events such as when a new lead is entered, a member become inactive or a billing attempt fails. You will love the power that automation gives you.

  • Start a drip email campaign when the lead generation form is submitted.
  • Send an email when a member becomes inactive.
  • Automatically manage and segregate your campaign lists.


Our philosophy is simple, we want to focus our efforts on building software that empowers you to help your members. We do this by not building everything ourselves. We integrate with best-in-class service providers for certain features (e.g. billing, email campaigns). This allows you the freedom to choose between supported providers.


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