Recommended Setup For Programs and Plans

Programs Member Owl allows clients to join multiple programs. Think of a program as a distinct course of study. For example: Karate, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Fitness…etc. Each program can have levels or ranks configured. If you run Kids and Adult Karate classes and they have different ranks (e.g. Junior Belts), you will need to have a Kids Karate and […]

Email Configuration

Member Owl has a number of powerful email features that allow you to keep your members and prospects informed. Creating and sending emails and email campaigns is super easy. But first we need to get email configured. Email Configuration Each location has their own independent “email domain”. This supports compliance with SPAM laws and prevents […]

Put A Membership On Hold

Member Owl analyzes your clients nightly and updates their activity status (e.g. Active or Inactive) based upon their recent attendance. The total active / inactive counts are stored as part of each location’s statistics. Inactive (or missing in action) memberships will be shown on the location dashboard. This allows Member Owl automations to be run […]

Record Attendance Your Way

Recording attendance is the number one thing that you can do to improve your retention. Without attendance data the process of effectively re-engaging members who are “missing in action” or MIA is not possible. Yes there are some manual attendance recording systems (e.g. attendance cards). Some manual processes are more effective than others. Manual attendance recording systems do [...]

How Big Will You Get? – Doing The Math

Businesses grow when we make data driven decisions. Let’s talk about the data that we can monitor to increase our membership count. Potential Size Calculating the potential size of your membership based business is really pretty simple. There are two key numbers that you need to know: Monthly Enrollment Count – The number of new enrollments […]

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