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Recording attendance is the number one thing that you can do to improve your retention. Without attendance data the process of effectively re-engaging members who are “missing in action” or MIA is not possible. Yes there are some manual attendance recording systems (e.g. attendance cards). Some manual processes are more effective than others. Manual attendance recording systems do not scale well. Managing 10 members manually is easy, but this quickly breaks down as your membership count grows.

Once attendance is being recorded, Member Owl provides a number of features to help your staff manage MIA members:

  • MIA members are shown on the dashboard. This allows staff members to reach out and try to get the member back into class.
  • Automations can be set up to automatically reach out to members who are MIA.
  • Class sizes can be monitored to allow your staff to make efficient use of your location’s resources.
  • Notifications when a client checks in with an expired membership.

Member Owl supports three ways of recording attendance: kiosk, scanner, class roster.


attendance kiosk

Empower your members to check in using a tablet based kiosk. So simple, even your youngest members will be able to check in. A post check in message provides an opportunity to notify the member they should visit the office.


attendance scanner

Member Owl provides a number of options to enable you to create membership / attendance cards with a code (e.g. barcode, qr code…). This code can then be scanned to rapidly record attendance for a group of members. A stack of 100 membership cards takes only a few minutes to scan.

Class Roster

attendance class roster

With the roster check in feature, your staff can use a touch-based tablet to quickly check in members who attend. A post check in message provides a notification to alert the member they should visit the office after class.

With Member Owl you can choose the attendance recording option that works best for you and your staff. Please let me know if you have further questions.

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