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Private Member Area

Allow a member / client to login to a private area where they could do the following:
* View “member only” information. This content you would create on your site but it would be protected by Member Owl (WordPress only sites at first)
* Update their expiring credit card info
* View information about their membership (e.g. attendance…etc)
* Purchase upgrades to their membership
* Pay test fees
* Visit the on-line Proshop and make purchases (this would require the on-line proshop feature)

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Sales Campaigns

Allow MO users to create web forms that can be embedded into their website. Some example web forms (on-line forms that can be submitted to gather info) include:
* new member inquiry (this already exists but cannot be edited)
* surveys
* tournament registration forms
* pay test/membership fee (requires: private member area)
* join a membership online (new memberships only)
* add a membership to an existing client (requires: private member area)

This could be combined with the existing drag-n-drop documents to create a “click funnel” that could be used for social ads (e.g. Facebook).

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