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I always love to hear feature requests from Member Owl users. Many of these feature requests fall into our core competencies. These are features that we build ourselves. There are some feature requests that our outside our core competencies. What happens then?

Let’s take an example: sending email. Member Owl allows users to set up emails (e.g. billing receipts, credit card expiring…) that automatically get sent to their clients. Although sending email is common place, the infrastructure to reliably send emails is not easy to build / maintain. This email infrastructure is not one of our core competencies and we do not build / maintain an email infrastructure. Instead we integrate with Software as a Service (SaaS) companies who provide this email infrastructure (for a cost).

Here are a few areas where we leverage third party integrations to provide Member Owl users best-in-class features: payment gateways (billing), email campaigns, text messaging and regular email. Here is a screenshot of our integration page where you would configure integrations for your location:


If you have questions about any integrations that we support please contact us.

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